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Christie Yanez

Christie Yanez is our Family and Patient Advocate for Children’s Dental Health Associates. Christie holds a degree in Social Work and is passionate about empowering and partnering in improving the quality of lives for children and their families. Christie resides in Dillsburg, PA with her “prince charming”, Bryan, their two children, and their beloved Hamsters Pancake, and Syrup. Christie enjoys spending her free time with a good book, new family adventures, and catching up on Law & Order SVU episodes.

The Family and Patient Advocate for Children’s Dental Health Associates effectively plans and coordinates care for patient’s and their families. The Family and Patient Advocate assists patients and community agencies in presenting facts, and coordinating services to develop acceptable resolutions to issues and following-up on outcomes, and responds and assists to our patient’s families in need of guidance on the process of treatment. The Family and Patient Advocate also helps coordinate educational seminars to children in daycare and elementary schools as well as PCP practices. The Family and Patient Advocate follows laws and acts to advocate for all of Children’s Dental Health Associates’ patients to ensure the utmost quality of safety and care along with helping to educate our staff.

Here at Children’s Dental Health Associates, we are dedicated to ensuring not only each child’s visit is a fun and memorable visit, but also a safe visit! “We do everything we can to make sure our patients are safe at all times,” says Eric Felix, D.M.D, owner of Children’s Dental Health Associates.

Whether a dentist, hygienist, EFDA, dental assistant, sterilization tech, receptionist, or Office Supervisor; each employee at Children’s Dental Health Associates undergoes vigorous training, protocols, and safety checks. All of these vigorous safety trainings, protocols, and safety checks are continued throughout their employment with Children’s Dental Health Associates.

The rigorous screening includes a Federal Bureau of Investigation fingerprinting check, a Pennsylvania child abuse history clearance, and a Pennsylvania criminal background check. All staff members participate in a yearly training and educational program. These educational topics include HIPPA compliance, workplace diversity and customer service, identifying and assessing victims of abuse and neglect, and x-ray safety. All staff members are trained in CPR every two years, and complete an x-ray class required by the State of Pennsylvania.

Not only does our staff undergo safety precautions, but all of our equipment does too! All offices have a certified technician who comes into the offices every 90 days to evaluate all equipment. The technician comes in to ensure everything is running smoothly and properly. Once a year we also have an inspection and testing completed by an inspector from the State of Pennsylvania X-rays are taken in one area away from other patients for each facility, each x-ray machine & radiation monitoring equipment. All of our facilities and the x-ray machines have permits and licensing through the State of Pennsylvania.

Each month staff preforms a monthly safety check list. This check list has staff checking and ensuring all emergency equipment is running properly, all emergency lights work properly, ensures all emergency signs are posted and visible for all patients to follow, and ensures all SDS books are up to date. Each office does a spore test on all sterilization equipment, and the test is sent out for approval each week. This testing ensures each sterilizer is working properly and following all OSHA standards.

Here at Children’s Dental Health Associates, we train all staff members on OSHA and follow all guidelines. We make sure that all children being seen are wearing safety glasses. We only use mercury-free fillings, and digital x-rays. Digital x-rays use 90 percent less radiation than film x-rays. Digital x-rays are also safer for the environment, no hazardous waste disposal is necessary because digital x-rays do not use hazardous chemicals. We follow the guidelines which are set forth by the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD) regarding how often x-rays are to be taken, and x-rays are taken in an area away from other patients.

Our Integration Team

Julie Amos
Implementation Manager

Jenna Boyer
Implementation Supervisor

Fran Thompson
Implementation Patient Services Representative

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