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  Pediatric Dental Office  

At Children's Dental Health Associates, we proudly provide the best dental care to children throughout Chester, Lancaster, York, Philadelphia, Montgomery counties, and beyond. Our dentists and dental staff are knowledgeable and passionate about what they do. We take the oral health of our young patients very seriously and understand going to the dentist can make some children anxious, so we strive to make every child feel calm and comfortable during their visit with their dentist. With colorful photos, a children's play area, TV's throughout the office, video games, and toys, our young patients are provided with a fun atmosphere where they are free to play before being seen by their dentist.

Children's Dental Health Associates Mission
Statement & Core Values

Our mission at Children's Dental Health Associates is to serve the unique needs of children by providing a welcoming environment and utilizing the tell, show, do method to provide quality specialized dental care. We respect and acknowledge the trust each parent has given us to care for their child. We consider it a privilege to treat children, and we treat each visit as an opportunity to make a difference in their lives by helping them obtain the best possible oral health through prevention first and intervention second.

Our Core Values at Children's Dental Health Associates

Surroundings – Children's Dental Health Associates creates a fun and welcoming environment where children feel comfortable.

Morality – Children's Dental Health Associates treats each patient based on their individual needs with kindness and compassion.

Impartiality – Children's Dental Health Associates believes that every child deserves the best possible care for their oral health.

Learning – Children's Dental Health Associates strives to educate patients and families.

Excellence – Children's Dental Health Associates strives to exceed expectations by providing outstanding service.

Safety – Children's Dental Health Associates uses the safest approach for every dental treatment.

With Children's Dental Health Associates
it's All About Prevention

Pediatric dentistry is vital for infants, children, and young adults because they have special physical and psychological needs. Since their bodies are developing, there is a need to focus on preventive care. Preventive care at an early age allows for problems to be identified and treated, so they don't become bigger problems later on in life.

The American Journal of Pediatric Dentistry has stated, “Many oral health problems can be prevented if parents take good care of their infant's or child's gums and teeth, optimize systemic and topical fluoride exposure, and eliminate prolonged exposure to simple carbohydrates.” That is why Children's Dental Health Associates is proud to provide children with a wide range of preventive care services, including dental sealants and fluoride rinses. We will notify a parent if we find any issues with their child's dental health, and discuss dental options with them.

With 14 great locations, we are able to provide children from all over the area with the dental care they need. Our dentists, dental staff, and dental supervisors, bring a whole new level of care to the field of pediatric dentistry.

To schedule an appointment for your child, call us today:

Chester/Delaware/Montgomery County: 610-622-1949

Cumberland/Lancaster/Dauphin/York County: 717-295-4400

Philadelphia County: 215-383-1376

Berks/Lehigh/Northampton County: 610-914-1700